God has been speaking to me about our lost family members especially those who are very close to us. God said to me, because we are not praying for them and have not been seeking His face for their salvation we will be held accountable for their souls.


This word hit me at my core because I realized that I have stopped praying for my husband, and for other members of my family. We become so accustom to the situation that we have accepted it as being normal. But it is not normal in God’s eyes.



We as children of God are trying so hard to solve our problem in our own strength and abilities, and have forgotten to bring God into the picture. We must stop trying to convert our families to Christ because that is God’s job. When we try to convert, we might become judgemental or the person might experience rejection. We must be Christ to them in the way we treat them, in the way we respond and react in our situation. We must imitate Christ who was our example.  Yes God knows that we have become tired and weak in our situation but we can never stop seeking God’s face for our lost family members.


We all go through situations where we feel drained and because we don’t see the changes, we stop praying into that situation. But our faith in God must be bigger than the situation we are facing. Our faith in God must be like a precious commodity, like water that is a precious commodity that we cannot life without, that is how our faith must be. Without faith in God we will never be able to please Him in our relationship. Hebrews 11: But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (NKJV). If we looking at people that don’t want to serve the Lord, it saddens you but in our own ability we are unable to save them. Our responsibility towards them is to seek God face and intercede for them, pray without ceasing.


Wining our family for God starts with us, we need to stop our nagging, stop being angry and stop throwing legation at him or her. See the good in the person and encourage them by representing God in our homes. Give total control over to the Lord and let Him intervene on our behalf. We can never force our believes on others because it must be their free will to receive Christ. We all have love ones that don’t serve the Lord and our only weapon is prayer. Lord help us to see people through the eyes of Christ and have a compassionate heart for souls.



Prayer: Father God we bring our love ones before Your throne of grace and we seek your face on their behalf. We prayer for Your supernatural intervention in their lives in Jesus Name . Lord may we always be the Christ like example to our families Amen.