If we look at David, God gave him a sling and 5 stones, and he destroyed the giant with only one stone. The Lord also gave Moses a staff that was used for many powerful miracles.

The of book Joshua we see him going to war various times and God would always say to him “I have given them into your hands”. Joshua had a sword and God’s word, and every battle he faced was won in the spirit, before he saw the victory in the natural.  What a powerful statement God gave to Joshua, these words still applies to us today.

What makes all these men different? They were fully dependent on God, they knew it was not in their own abilities and strength that they accomplished all their victories. Joshua was a warrior in God’s kingdom till the end.


My question to you is, what do you have in your hands?  Maybe God has given you a talent to generate an income while you are unemployed. Maybe He has given you a pen to write daily devotions or for magazines? Or maybe He has given you a mic to sing and bring glory to His name.

Maybe you are standing before your Goliath today, and your Goliath might be fear, and it might be doubt or might even be that you have become lukewarm. Facing your giant is not easy but using what God has given you, and applying it to your situation, will lead to the victory. Watch and see how mountains of oppositions are cleared and removed from you presents. Opposition is sometimes the key that opens doors that take you out of your comfit zone, into your destiny.

We are living in the last days, and the times is growing darker day by day, hold on to what God have given you and build yourselves up in the Spirit. Develop the talents God has given you, and stay true to God’s character.


Prayer: Thank you Lord for giving us your word, which will never change and never disappoint. Lord help us to develop the talent You have given to us, that walks in the right standing with You. Let our contributions in your kingdom draw people closer to You in Jesus Name. Amen