As Christians we need to be consumed with the things of the Lord and not with the things of the world and people’s opinion about us. I’m not referring to charity work, preaching the Word or even having compassion for others. I am talking about your intimate time with the Lord, where you find out in which direction the Lord wants you to go.

We are so busy with pleasing others that we don’t listen to God and neglect what He has called us to do. One day we will have to give an account of what He has asked of us (2 Cor 5:10 and Rom 14:12).

We need to learn to set boundaries, learn to say NO. We think that the word NO must not be in our vocabulary, but that is where we make the mistake. We get consumed by so many things that it becomes too much and we become burnt out and drained in the process.

God has created us for His purpose and if we don’t know our purpose in His kingdom, people will always overstep their boundaries in our lives. We will feel overwhelmed, hence obligated in everything that people ask of us.

There should be a healthy balance between what is required of God and what is in God’s plan for your life. Because a sense of obligation can consume our time and we will miss the mark completely. The cares of life and the cares of other people need to have a balance in your life and not consume you. Saying NO will save us from compromising when it comes to pleasing God and not man.

Compromising with the world will bring your spirit into a downward spiral and can cause feelings of tiredness, feeling overwhelmed and can lead to depression. We need to be there for people, to guide and direct them and not become their source of dependence. Dependency must be on God and not man for when you make people your source, you fall when they fall. Make God your source, for only He is able to make you stand!

Prayer – Heavenly Father we come before your and ask direction in everything we do. Help us not to be consumed by the cares of the world, but keep our focus on you and not to make people our source, but Jesus Christ, Amen.