A Father’s heart is always for His children and because of that God was willing to sacrifice His beloved Son. He was saddened by the condition in which the world has fallen and had a plan to restore it to His original plan.  It was not an easy thing for the Father to do, but because of His Love, He was able to let go.

Because the Father and Jesus is one, Jesus experienced the same pain and saw the Father’s heart way before He was even crucified. Jesus Christ showed His loved to the world through the crucifixion. It was not easy for Jesus to take the cup upon Him, but He loved the Father and He loved God’s children just as much as God did.

When we look at the life of Jesus we see someone that was completely man on the earth, but knew the importance of souls for His Fathers kingdom. He knew the importance of doing the will of the Father. It must have been difficult for the Father to see His Son surrounded by the sin of the world and having to turn His face from Him. It was painful for God to do that, because He knew that His Son was perfect in every way.

We really cannot imagine what Jesus went through to be separated from His Father, the pain of the nails, the pain of being mutilated by people that hated Him was not as bad as being separated from God. Being mutilated by people that He had to lay down His life for was selfless love in itself.

The prize that was paid completed the sacrifice and it was the final payment for the sin of the world. Jesus was willing to take it all on Him so that we could be free. The cross represents our complete freedom and forgiveness of our sin.

Jesus’ love conquered every obstacle that we will ever face, His love was pure, and His love was one with the Father. Death could not keep Him bound.

Children of God do you really know what it cost the Father to let Jesus go? I want to leave you with this thought: “What does the cross mean to you today?”

Prayer: God, thank you for your Son Jesus Christ and the ultimate love that He showed toward us on the cross. Thank you that I can stand before You and know that I am free; washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. All glory and honor to God, in Jesus Name Amen.