In Malachi 2: 4- 7 God speaks about his covenant with the Levi (priestly tribe). It was a covenant of life and peace. Moreover, the covenant spoke of reverence and commitment; the priest had reverence for the name of the Lord and was committed to the covenant.

God has consecrated our union with Him through the Blood of Jesus and He sees it as an everlasting covenant that cannot be broken. We are His disciples and His Priest that represent His kingdom. He sees this covenant as a marriage, just like the marital relationship between a husband and a wife. Spending time with your husband builds your relationship in many areas. In the same way, when you spend time with the Lord it builds your relationship and makes it stronger and brings you into alignment with God.

Marriage was established by God and is holy to Him. And when we sin against our marriage vows, we sin against something that is Holy to God. He hates divorce. When He speaks about the marriage of the daughter of a foreign god, He doesn’t speak about the person or their nationality or race, but He speaks about the gods they serve.

For example, Solomon married a foreign woman who took his heart away from God (1 Kings 11: 1-10). Ahab married Jezebel, a foreign woman who lead Israel into new depths of moral corruption; wickedness (1 Kings 16:29:32).  God does not want His word to be corrupted by false teaching and false priest, but He wants His word kept clean because false priest will lead many astray.

In marriage God comes first; your husband second. Unmarried couples need to inquire from God for a partner. You need somebody that will serve God with you, not a foreign god, because that person will cause you to break your commitment to God.

Ruth was of the tribe of Moabite, but chose to follow God.  She said to Boaz, “Your people are my people. Your God is my God” and she said to Naomi, “Do not urge me to leave you or to turn back from following you; for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people will be my people, and your God, my God (Ruth 1:16).

God does not only hate divorce between man and wife, but also between God and man. He doesn’t divorce us, but we divorce Him by not being committed to the covenant that we have with Him. It’s like a person having an affair who is not committed to his or her relationship anymore. When your marriage is in a crisis you need to know that your covenant with the Lord stands firm and you should not seek ungodly counsel.

The unity in a family is God’s heart and the devil knows if he destroys the marriage the family falls apart. You cannot neglect your relationship with the Lord; out of that relationship you will be able to see things through the eyes of God. The unity that God seeks in our marriages starts with you. Will you fight for your marriage? Or will you just allow someone to come in and bring havoc and destruction? You need to seek God and rise up in the spirit and take God on His word and fight for your family! The crisis will make you stronger and will remove all judgement from your life; it will renew you commitment to God and your husband – it will keep you committed to the covenant.

Prayer – Father God, in the name of Jesus, I bring our families before your thrown of grace and I ask for your hand of protection over their lives. I pray that we will be committed to the vow that we took before You in the name of Jesus. Bless our families and give them a new vision for their lives. I pray for our husband to take up their role as the priest in our family in Jesus name Amen.