To have Authority is to have the power or right to give orders, make decisions and enforce obedience. This word says a lot because to walk in Authority we need to know how to walk under Authority. By accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour you receive the same authority that Jesus used to command demons to flee. If you understand this principle of Authority you will enforce what Jesus Christ has placed inside of you.

Authority and power goes hand in hand but there is a difference between the two. Let us look at Power. When we go to the story of the lady with blood issues who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment in Luke 8: 43-47, we see that Jesus replied and said that the power went from Him when the lady touched His garment. Jesus knew immediately that the power left His body to heal and restore her to society.

Most people want the power, but very few understand the other side of the coin, which is Authority.  We need to walk in a close relationship with the Holy Spirit so when the Spirit prompts you to pray for someone, you will obey the command. But remember that the devil is not going to be very happy with you when you start stepping up and obeying the Lord.

This week I have experienced attacks on my family in a very heavy way, but you know I will not be shaken I will stand firm on the word of the Lord.  Always remember to cover yourself and your family under the blood of Jesus when you are busy with spiritual warfare.

Power is a gift that comes with the Holy Spirit and it is like a dormant volcano when you do not use it, because you don’t know the potential of that power. But when the heat of the Holy Spirit is applied in our lives it become like a volcano ready for eruption. The Spirit removes everything that is unclean and not pure; and like lava melting hard rocks so the Spirit melts our hearts.

Authority that God has given us can never go higher than the one who gave us the Authority, our authority is only as deep as our relationship with the Lord. Spiritual authority releases God’s command over every force of darkness to stand back and enforce the blood of Jesus over that attack.

Prayer – Father in the name of Jesus, I decree and declare the blood of Jesus over every spiritual attack that Satan has launched against the children of God. I demolish every stronghold and strip it of its title and of its power. The blood of Jesus is against every demonic force of the devil. Devil you are a defeated fowl in Jesus’ name.