To raise the stakes means to increase one’s commitment or involvement. When God says He is raising the stakes it means that there is a call and an urgency in the Spirit for souls into His kingdom.

Our God is a God of excellence. God’s love for us is a love of excellence and perfection. Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. When you come into His presence He raises the stakes, He does not want us to lower our standards and go at it with a slow pace.

For example, snails move at their own pace. When you chase them, they go into their shell and hide from the world.  When snails moves they leave a white mark or white line to show that they were there. So my question to you is: Are you like the snail that when danger comes you hide in your shell and only give a little of God’s light to show that you are a Christian?

The opposite of excellence is inferiority. Inferiority means to always have the unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy. The devil will always use this weapon of fear and inferiority to cripple your relationship with God and just about destroy your prayer life. But we know when we are crippled and on our knees that is the place where God wants you to seek His face and His presence. The Bible tells us 365 times not to fear. Once you give over to fear you have stopped trusting God, you have lost your confidence, and you are in no position to pray. But when the Spirit of excellence comes upon you it is impossible to fear, it is impossible to stay quiet and hide because the Spirit overflows in every area of your life.

When God raises the stakes, He wants you to step out in faith and believe what His word says about you and excel in His Spirit. God’s Spirit is in you and me, and as a Christian you must always flow in His Spirit and at all times be ready when God puts a fire under you. His Spirit will never settle for leftovers because God’s Spirit has never known defeat.

When the Spirit of excellence flows through you, you will hear the cry of the lost, you will see the need of the poor and you will react on His call. 

Prayer: Lord thank you for raising the stakes so that I can step up and step out of my convict zone and step into you glorious light. By faith we will run and not grow weary we will submit under the authority of Your word in Jesus mighty name. Amen.