What is the function of a lighthouse?

A lighthouse is a tower topped with a very bright light called a beacon. The beacon is used by sailors to help guide and to warn boats of dangerous areas they might not see at night. A lighthouse is always located at an important or dangerous place. The core function of a lighthouse is to provide light and to warn of impending danger, its function is clear and can never change.

Light come into our bodies through the eyes, the pure and clean light of Jesus Christ always operates in a vessel that is clean and connected to Him.  The light will always cast out darkness and it will never be overshadowed, His light and power will always be visible for the world to see. The light brings life and joy, but darkness brings death, turmoil and pain. The light that Jesus brings will always have compassion on those in darkness. So be the lighthouse on the hill that shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven (Matt 5: 16).

Our core function as Christians is to warn the world of impending danger and destruction that the devil always brings on those in darkness, because they don’t see the light. We as Christians are also not in the clear when it comes to the devil, but we see the danger and we can strategize our battle plan through the light of Jesus Christ.

When we allow the darkness to overshadow the light, we will grieve God’s Spirit and His voice will become silent. We are called to bring light into the world, to be the salt of the earth, and never lose our flavour for souls. Be light because Jesus is light.

Prayer:   Lord search our hearts and help us to be the salt and the light of Jesus Christ in a dark and lost world. Help us to have compassion on those that don’t know you in Jesus name.  Amen